Impeachment Of President Benjamin Ogbonna Nwoye Of NUTASA

The Story Behind The Forceful Impeachment Of President Benjamin Ogbonna Nwoye Of NUTASA

The Story Behind The Forceful Impeachment Of President Benjamin Ogbonna Nwoye Of NUTASA: Injustice to one is injustice to all. Injustice to ours is injustice to us.

When I read about the impeachment of Comr. Benjamin Ogbonna Nwoye, the Nigerian Universities Theater Arts Students’ Association (NUTASA) President, as carried by, I smiled in bitterness. I told myself “See how crystal these words appear”. This is how I would have believed all I read if I wasn’t in that room that night. This is how thousands of Theater Arts Students in Nigeria are going to read it and digest it. This is how all universities will read it and snap their fingers about such president that was impeached for Embezzlement of Funds amongst all other allegations labeled against him.This is how some lecturers, doctors and professors of Theater Arts will read it and feel most disappointed on a supposedly proud son. But funny enough, this is also how some informed persons will read it, shake their heads and say “So they finally brought this boy’s strength down”, they will scroll and keep quiet, not because they don’t know the truth but because the person sitting on the truth is big enough to complicate their truthfulness if they try helping or speaking up for us the students.

But at the end, the perpetrators will sit back and smile, they will say yes, the poison worked. We have poisoned the minds of the people, let us go back to our dining and dine the banquet from their hard earned sweat. Yes, let’s dine; these kids are confused. Let’s dine and shame this one that wanted to pour sand in our garri in the name that he is a truthful president. He wan come work pass Mandela? Truth kill you there!

If you’ve heard about injustice in low and high places, you won’t find it hard to connote the headline of this article.

I will allow that to sink as I resume with my narrative.

The grammar in the write-up is as poor as the lies embedded therein. They couldn’t even mention the name of our president properly (that is the height of how much they care for the students)— imagine it. The lies in their indictments against him are as ‘crystal’ as the website that publish it. If NUTASA is really recognized, wouldn’t we have a website of our own? Why would we see our own news on A crucial proof that there might truly be a big issue is that NUTASA doesn’t have a cyber space for easier communication. Even the first time that the so-called could crystally work in the favour of NUTASA, they chose to publish a failed and unconstitutional impeachment of the president of a great association as NUTASA. What an insult to the entire students of Theater Arts. What a slap on our faces.

In that conference room of that small hotel in Abuja, at around to 12 O’clock midnight when the meeting began, the president sat down, beaming with optimism as he started the meeting, the part which really got me was his respect for dead congressmen and women of NUTASA. That one moment silence for Olajumoke, BEM and one girl from UNIPORT whom he remembered her name completely, was like a moment of great feelings for me in respect to our dead members.

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In a room of about 12 comrades, with Agbara his former president seated right opposite him, and the positioning of the rest of us seated round the two joined plastics table, made me get the feeling of how much level of negative plans that has been cooked already.

Everything was symbolic, the sitting, the people that plotted the impeachment, their absent sponsors who were to be updated with a secret recording of the meeting without the consent of the President presiding over the meeting. I tried my best to get the president to know what was going on but he was engrossed in the unawareness of a plot against him. The meeting continued with an agenda presented by the president until Timi, the man that nailed the president with the allegations interrupted the meeting and demanded that a particular clause from a WhatsApp group be added to the meeting agenda. Unaware majority felt it was cool and it was added, even when presido pushed this issue to the last part of the agenda, the National Secretary General advice him to place it above and the impeachment team echoed yes.

As the real essence of the meeting unfolded, Agbara kept interrupting and clarifying the president until he became the director of the meeting and there were two captains on the ship.

A constitutionally championed impeachment should require the president a prior notice in written form, a set up of an investigation committee, a questioning before a vote of no confidence should be passed by the people present and this takes more than two or three meeting to be achieved but it was carried out all in one meeting against all warnings for us not to proceed in error. Truth does not rush, so why was everyone rushing the impeachment within one night, if these indictments were true, why didn’t we follow the same way the Treasurer did the first time the office was indicted. I can remember Presido was given enough time to reply,after which he did and the issues were satisfactory enough that no one raised it again. We could adopted such democratic process instead of rushing am impeachment in one night. Even Presido demanded more time to answer to the questions, Agbara the ex-president insisted he must answer to all 13 indictments in one night. Even with the facts to an indictment, one needs ample time to answer carefully and this applies to both international and national levels.

In utmost humiliation, I watched my president pathetically answering the questions with YES/NO (which already is a breach of his own right). And even when at his hasty responses he had answered to about 10 indictments to be negative, Agbara led us onto the next phase of the unconstitutional impeachment process as he battled Jide’s (Abu Zaria president) warnings for us to visit the constitution and act accordingly.

Another humiliation: after the meeting, the president looked down-casted and almost at the mercy of the oppressors, at this point I caught Timi making a call which I didn’t hear clearly, in pretense I withdrew from my position and when Timi finished, he came back to tell us that he had talked with Prof. Dandaura, he informed us that Prof. is in Makurdi. He further advised the president to try and meet Prof. and beg him before the minutes of the meeting gets to Prof.


The final humiliation: I wouldn’t stress on this very much, go and do your research, I watched the Shepherd’s rod stand in auction for any of us who can betray the Shepherd to have it.

After that tiring meeting of long unfruitful deliberations,I went home expecting to hear it was a joke, but seeing this breaking news today through our WhatsApp platform made me wish to anonymously exonerate my conscience by writing this piece, there is always a record for posterity, and I won’t want my hands to be one of those defiled in future glory days of a free NUTASA/NUTAF, because I am sure the seed has germinated and is very strong. So no matter how much anyone wishes to cripple the currentpresident’s mission as we all heard from the agenda of the meeting that night, which in my opinion was: ‘TO GIVE ALL THEATER ARTS STUDENTS A Voice, A BEFITTING FESTIVAL, THE CHANCES TO CONNECT EASILY TO SPONSORS WITHOUT THE POWERS THAT BE’, be cautious enough to know that in the future, you may be through with the past but the past may not be through with you and your folks. Let me not continue as this is not the minutes for the meeting.

I do want the president to answer to the indictments leveled against him but constitutionally, because even if he did those things, he deserves a fair hearing by the congress who can decided at the end of the day, this was not what we can just go about in one night and we all knew that.

If you’re a THEATER ARTS Student, this is the time, the humiliation they gave our president, the 001of Theater Arts nationwide, the mouth piece of the gods, the backbone on which we exist is enough to tell us that our (congress) own case na akamu case. If we can allow such humiliation on our head what shall our voice be when in our local branch oppressors ride us all alike. From that meeting, I confirmed the long known fact that there are people who secretly pilot the affairs of NUTASA using the students as their catalyst.

In RobertGreene’s’48 Laws of Power’ it said and I quote — “Strike the Shepherd and the Sheep will scatter”

They have stricken our shepherd, it will be a little case to scatter us unless we all rise up beyond mediocrity and stand for what we preach. In my own truthful opinion, the president of the Nigerian Universities Theater Arts Students’ Association remains Comrade Benjamin Ogbonna Nwoye, my capacity president!


THE SHEPHARD’S ROD (15, Feb, 2019, 06:49pm)  

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 Impeachment Of President Benjamin Ogbonna Nwoye Of NUTASA

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