What You Don't Know About Antibiotics

What You Don’t Know About Antibiotics

What You Don’t Know About Antibiotics: Antibiotics are a class of drugs, very sensitive, effective but equivalently dangerous, yes very dangerous! As a pharmacist, antibiotics (depending on the disease condition though) is to be administered on special occasions. Unfortunately today, you see a lot of youths especially walk up to any patent shop or pharmacy outlet to buy “Ampliclox” or “Augementin” just like that, probably for mere headache or common catarrh or a self limiting ailment.

Some diseases are self limiting meaning the body’s immunity (remember the body’s army?) can deal with them without drugs but many rush to take Antibiotics and cause the body a lot of damage rather than good. Alot of diseases can be caused by bacteria including boil, Gonorhoea, some stomach infections, urinary tract infections and a whole lot.

Now, before taking any at all, any at all, make sure you get a standard advise for a medical practitioner (very important). Medical persons all over the world are fighting the abuse of it (either misuse, under use or overuse) it’s causing a great harm to the society.

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Antibiotics Resistance (a topic for another day). So today, tell a friend to tell a friend, never ever take it without prescriptions from a properly trained medical practitioner (emphasis is on properly trained) and stick to the advice from the person. I have noticed, a lot of people tend to not strictly follow the antibiotics regime then you come back with the illness after 2-3months and if you try that drug again, it won’t work, now you run back for help!

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Avoid the abuse of it especially, like I learnt in school, all drugs are poisons, stay safe and stay healthy.

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