“My Fervent Advice To All The JUPEB Students Of UNIZIK” Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

“My Fervent Advice To All The JUPEB Students Of UNIZIK” Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

I am sure that by now, all the students offering Joint University Preliminary Examination Board [JUPEB] program in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka [UNIZIK] and other tertiary institution are done with their final examination; or some of you would have finished by now depending on courses one is offering.

Nature is designed in such a way that those who work hard end up receiving the rewards of their hard-works. In as much as I wish each and every one of you success in your exam, that doesn’t mean that those who do not deserve excellence could get it without even fighting rightly for it.

Most of you had been attending lectures from Monday to Saturday, sometimes you did leave very early in the morning just to come back as late as 5PM or 6PM at times. God really knows those who had been serious with their academics. Most of you did not even attend classes; you went to your respective places of appointments while some were busy whiling away their precious time at home or at friends’ places doing what only them knew about.

I have come across most of the JUPEB students of UNIZIK and have seen how hectic their schedules were; I really felt for them but having remembered that no good effort goes unrewarded, I energized them, encouraged them not to give up because when the success is achieved, the challenges they encountered would be nothing to talk about.

Also, I am not forgetting their parents/guardians who have been spending huge amount of money to make sure that their Wards were enrolled into the JUPEB program and I so much feel for those of the guardians whose Wards came to UNIZIK campus and forgot the aim while they were on the campus.

Now, let me drop my humble advice to those of you who may deem it worth taking. I know that after your exams, some of you may still stay back on the campus till the time admission processes shall commence; so I am advising that those of you who will still be around should seize such period to acquire one skill or another.

There are lots of skills around the university, such as hair dressing, make-up skills, sewing different designs of clothes, barbing special/rare hair styles, catering services, making of footwear ranging from fancy slippers, sandals, canvas, shoes of different designs, sizes, colors, and qualities; some of you who have interest in tech and programming can enroll into various available training on tech and programming [you only need to be following up updates online to keep informed]; computer training is also inclusive and really a good idea/skill.

Those good in dancing can as well join good dancing groups [not those that will expose you to juvenile delinquencies]. You can also learn different instruments; if you know how to drive, it is also an advantage as you will also make some money from that. Those who are gifted in writing ain’t left out; TRENDSOFLEGENDS TEAM can mentor you to become a legendary author, and also help expose you to the world at large. What about photography: you can also venture into that aspect? For those who have passion for media/blogging, I can connect you to the platforms that can groom you on blogging and as well help you own a standard blog.

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There are a lot of things you can be doing as you pray and patiently wait for your result to be released. It’s only someone who worked hard to achieve academic excellence that would feel sad having not achieved that. Most of you were busy jumping around with men/boys all over the campus; some of the boys were moving from one pub to another
smoking, drinking to stupor, inter alia.

It has come to my notice that some girls went into cohabitation: really pathetic! You can fall in love while on campus, but do so wisely, do not go and be living with a boy who ain’t your husband. You won’t know what you have done to yourself now until time is due when others will be reaping the fruits of their good labors and you would be sober regretting all your errors in the past: you would have no other choice than to reap the fruits of your own ill labors.

All of you have spent up to six months on UNIZIK campus and by this time you should have gained experiences of what been on university campus seems like. There is nothing you cannot find in university, that’s why I personally term it a “UNIVERSE-CITY”; that is to say that a UNIVERSITY is like the UNIVERSE made into a CITY; you can see any kinds of characters there. If you wish to be good in the university, it’s up to you, and if you desire to live a nasty lifestyle, then it is still up to you.

You have to decide what you need; your people have tried their best by bringing out their money, giving you the support you need. Why not surprise them by gaining more experiences through skill acquisition and entrepreneurial training instead of going back home to be doing nothing? We gain knowledge from schooling, but wisdom comes out of our experiences and encounters in life. I know that your house rent is going to expire at the end of the year for most of you, and from now till then is a quite a long period of time to acquire great skills that will help you in life.


Not all of you wrote JAMB this year, that means all your hope is in gaining admission into 200 level through the JUPEB program; and do not forget that life is based on natural selection. Not all the students that did JUPEB will end up gaining admission into the university.

In case you end up not getting admitted this time [which nobody who worked hard is praying for], please do not give up hope; see it as God’s desire for you and work harder next time so as to make it. I knew how it was for me when I left secondary school, it was as if I could not make it to the university, even when I ended up making it to the university, it wasn’t an easy journey; but today I am a 400 level student on UNIZIK campus, and by God’s grace I am graduating this year.

Listen, I did not just come to the university to read and go home with good certificate, in the course of pursuing academic excellence, I made good friends and connections, I recovered, discovered, uncovered, and develop the talents buried inside of me. I did not shy away from social activities, I took part in school politics, I engage in businesses [and
I failed in some], I never give up on God because He is the Ultimate Being that keeps me going.

Now, if you need help on how to get any of these skills mentioned above and more which are worth acquiring, kindly contact me anytime any day from now; my office is not only accessible to students of Applied Biochemistry Students’ Association [ABSA] UNIZIK but to every student irrespective of your department, program, condition, and position in life. Below are my contacts details, please I only advise you to contact me only if you have good intention and you are a serious type.

Phone Number: 08037834016

Email: noninhodejp@gmail.com

Facebook: Chinonso Emmanuel Asiegbu

Whatsapp: 08037834016

Twitter: @DInspirationalP

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