Part 2
by Chimobi Mary
Money Hides in
Most persons can spot
problems, it doesn’t make them special. What makes you unique is the ability to
identify problems and provide possible solutions to them
The world today is
filled with lots of problems. Identify any and provide solution to it and money
will flow to you.
Every dime we spend today
is to solve a problem. Dangote makes a lot of money because he helps solve the
problem of hunger by selling consumption goods. Mark Zuckerberg is making a lot
of money today because he has helped improve communication.
Spot a problem. Find
possible solution. Package it and offer it to the world. The bigger the
problem, the bigger the money.

by chimobi Mary

Money Hides in People
There are about 7.2
billion people on earth, if you have something of value to offer, they’ll
release money to you: not by defrauding them, not by deceiving them but by
offering them something of value.
In 2009 when Michael
Jackson died, he was supposed to perform a live concert in the United Kingdom
the following year. The organizers of the concert started selling out tickets
that same year. In 10 days, a total of 10 million tickets were sold out at
the price of £70 each realizing the total sum of £700 million. Few months late
he died.
The organizers gave the people two options; a refund of their money or the
access to watch the premier of Michael’s rehearsals and interviews conducted
with his dancers and directors in preparation for the concert and also get a
documented DVD copy of it.
And guess what, no body demanded for a refund.
Michael was too valuable that he even made more money dead than alive.
Money hides in people,
provide them something of value and they’ll give you money.

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