I don’t know why you love me,
Is it because I’m intelligent?
I don’t know why you’ve chosen me,
Maybe because you think my family is affluent.
You always desire to be with me,
Every day, every moment.
I don’t know why you always care for me,
Is it because I am diligent?
You always cherish to be the nearest to me,
Maybe because I’m prominent.
All times, all things: all about me!
Tell me, what makes me different?
Are you truly craving for me?
Should your yearning for me make me to be confident?
Your caring attitudes seem like you really love me.
So far, you are really so patient.
Who knows why you address me as ‘honey’?
Maybe because you target my pocket money.
If you want someone who will always buy shawarma for you everyday,
Then, I am not the right person for now.
Oh! You love savouring pizza, anyway,
Sorry, I can’t afford it now.
Remember, I am still a student!
Let me remind you: I am still dependent.
What exactly do you need from me?
Is it that I look decent?
Merely looking at you, you look innocent.
I am thinking that you choose me because of my department,
Or maybe owing to the beauty of my apartment.
If you need someone who will be sending airtime to you exactly when you desire,
Then, you have made a wrong choice.
So, quit me now and keep on searching.
You don’t have money to buy airtime,
Yet you change caller tunes every time.
My dear if you really love me,
And you really need our relationship to be,
Then, you must support me,
You must accept every reality about me,
Accept me as I be.
Encourage and energize me,
Accept my conditions at the moment and be patient with me.
Spur me on to work harder,
For a tomorrow that will be better,
For my future to be brighter.
If love is the pivotal reason,
The true theme of the season,
Then love me truly.
And I make it a solemn promise to you:
Never to give up on you
When conditions have gotten better,
When I have soared higher.
Remember, now I still remain a student.
I still bank on my parents
For financial assistance.
So, help to improve my academic performance.
You need a birthday present,
That’s good, but please accept what I can afford to present.
O! I should buy for you a gift worth of my school fees!
Nice to know, then why am I still reckoning on my family for school fees?
Why are you so blind
To realize my status.
What exactly is in your mind?
Love me the way I am: my nature and my status,
And I will love you the way you truly are.
Stop comparing myself with others,
We are not born together,
We are different persons all together.
If you can’t take me as I am,
Then go for them and let me be.
If you cannot be my motivator,
I don’t think you can be my amatory mentor,
And I won’t allow you to be my tormentor.
Don’t try to bait me with sex,
Rolling in the hay with you won’t make me a rex.
You refer yourself as the angel of my heart,
But your schemes are to tear my life apart.
I never expect you to be my parasite.
I am expecting that when you bind to my active site,
You will be an activator,
Rather than being an inhibitor.
Every negative action of yours can’t brighten my future,
It can only make my true conformation to denature;
It will make me to remain armature,
Rather than to mature.
I behold it all over you that your love won’t tarry
If you found out that I am still managing to drink ‘garri’.
To others you may be the best,
But with nasty characters, to me you’re a pest.
Don’t be such a tempest
That won’t let an innocent psyche to have rest!
Still reminding you that I am a student.
Now, I own no investment.
I have chosen to be a student
For others and for my betterment.
I only expect you to be my medicament
Rather than being my predicament.
Don’t hinder my success, don’t be my impediment.
All you seek from me are things that will end me up in detriment.
True love is priceless,
Fake friends are valueless.
It’s better for me to remain single
Than to die because I have chosen to mingle.
Remember, I am still a student!
And the condition won’t be permanent
Because I work assiduously to be excellent.
Stop giving me your selfish assignments:
To me they are nothing but punishments.
For the last time, I am still a student.
Let our amatory affair be for our betterment!
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