We are still meeting and talking to likely candidates that we think are likely to contest various elective positions in the upcoming SUG elections,we met with this soft spoken and very lively gentle man from Physics department, a well known dancer and entertainer popularly known as COMMANDO.He talks to UM TEAM about what he can do if voted into power.

UM TEAM-Can we know you?

CHIDI- My name is Umeohia Ugochukwu Chidiebere aka COMMANDO, a 300l student,department of Physics and Industrial Physics.

UM TEAM-What are your hobbies?

 CHIDI- I love travelling, reading,dancing, playing games, especially ludo and Ayo games.

UM TEAM- SUG is the highest point of government that speaks for the students, what do you plan achieving if you finally get there?

CHIDI- Thank you very much for the question. I’m an entertainer, a
dancer to be precise. I have gone far and have met many people in the
entertainment industry. I intend to carry the students along when it
comes to entertainment. We have a lot of talented people in unizik and I
want to lay a foundation that will take the students to another level
in the entertainment world. I intend organizing competitions based on
different talents and I will make sure that the winners are known and
recognized beyond Unizik.That they are recognized in the entertainment

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UM TEAM-I believe you are aware of the pains students go through,how do you plan to help them?

CHIDI- Students have so many problems like accommodation, welfare,
transportation and issues with lecturers and the way to battle these
problems is from the root. Personally I will call the representatives of
the different departments and have a dialogue with them concerning the
issues they are facing. I have spoken with the student union
representatives about a plan which I have concerning accommodation and I
know the plan will work when put into action by the SUG.

UM TEAM-The previous administration face turbulent times, and we all know about
the results, how do you plan to create a relationship with the school

CHIDI- The leadership of the SUG is supposed to be the spokesman of
the students, but from my end I will try to work with all stakeholders by inviting the Dean of student affairs,
VC and the lecturers to events I might be organizing, if i make it to the SUG this year. I will also organize 
students-lecturers interactive sessions so as to establish a good
relationship between both sides, since there have not been any good programs
involving both students and lecturers.


UM TEAM-Other posts held and achievements.

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CHIDI-I am a member of the student representative council
representing my department.My achievementS in my department are, I initiated a legislative
body inaugurated by the president of my Department, I headed the
committee in charge of making the constitution in my department and I
was also a member of the committee in charge of the legislative week
held in May this year.

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