*On The Pix: President Eyisi and Vice President Ozems taking their oaths*

Today 15th December, 2014 is another special day in the history of Students’
Union Government, SUG, of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka (UNIZIK). This
is because the newly elected students’ leaders led by Distinguished
Hon. Comrade Noble Eyisi of the department of political science were
today sworn into office by the authorities of the university.

Other elected officials that were inaugurated alongside the president
include Comrade Ozems Amarachi Precious of the department of Accountancy
who is now the Vice President of the union, Comrade Anolue Arinze of
the Department of Chemical Engineering (Secretary General) and Great
Comrade Martin Beck Nworah who is also from the Faculty of Law (Public
Relations Officer)

Other offices inaugurated are Assistant
Secretary General, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Social
and Director of Sports.

As we congratulate the above persons
and offices on their inauguration, they should note that their success
or failure can be determined by their actions from the very moment they
took their oaths. They should therefore be very careful and wiser.

Moreover, we strongly believe that the current leadership shall be a
mentor to all future students’ leaders. This is because the regime is
ably led by a student from the department of Political Science and
assisted by an Accountancy student. It is a simple logic to accept the
fact that Social and Management Sciences technically and practically
train students to be quality and dynamic leaders. In fact if I am to
suggest, the SUG Presidency should be reserved for students of Social
and Management Sciences. Law students should handle the judiciary arm
while students from Arts and Education Faculties should handle the posts
of Public Relations Officer, Secretary General, Assistant Secretary
General, Director of Socials and Sports. The posts of Financial
secretary and treasurer should be reserved for students of Accountancy
Department. Other students from Medicine, Health Sciences, Pharmacy,
Physical, Natural, Environmental and Biological Sciences as well as
Engineering should stay clear from politics and focus on research and
inventions that will promote the image of the university. This is
because they are academically and technically distanced from leadership
and may not have anything to offer if elected to leadership positions.

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Furthermore, the newly elected officials should totally stay away from
all the former leaders that achieved less or nothing during their
tenure. This is because those accidental leaders can’t offer what they
don’t have rather they will delight in deceiving and misleading them.
Instead of consulting those accidental former leaders, initiate policies
that will better the wellbeing of students as well as promoting the
image and already existing peace in the university.

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Always bear
in mind that you are epistles of the university and the university
authorities will not smile at any of you that will delight in any act of
blackmail, deceit or corruption that will damage the image of the
university. Also note that you are still under the rules and regulations
of the university, therefore always uphold principles of discipline,
self reliance and excellence.

May God guide you all.

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