When we all gained admission into this great citadel of learning,we had
two things in mind. One was to be trained so that we can be found worthy
in character and the second most important one is to be found worthy in
learning. Both go hand in hand and one cannot be achieved without the
other. This is where leaving or better still “living” a legacy like I
titled comes in.

My name is Martin Beck Nworah and I since I was humbly honoured as the
publicly acclaimed best student writer in Unizik,I have tried my
possible best to impact in the life of everyone I come across. Life is
hard and the situation of the country makes it even harder for one to
think selflessly. This is where leaving a lasting legacy comes to play
and I will illustrate this with a little story of how the brand MBN came

In the 2012/2013 academic session,when Comr. Ezenwa Obiora was the PRO
of the SUG,he gladly offered me an opportunity to invest in myself and
also entertain my fellow students. Many saw him as “just” an ordinary
PRO but he later went on to win the best SUG elected officer for that
session. His legacy didn’t stop there because it was that golden
opportunity he offered me in USN(UnizikSugNews as it then was) that gave
birth to the rebranded novel, “Diary Of A Unizik Babe” that will be
released later this month. I had the talents and he left a lasting
legacy by offering so many of us the opportunity to be popular and grow
under USN. How many people have you left a lasting legacy in their life

I am writing this because I am most passionate about information and
everything in-between. I believe if the students of this great citadel
of learning have the right person sourcing and dishing out the right
information to them on the divergent platforms that we have,things will
get better. We will have more individuals who will selflessly give their
time and resources to make others better. We will have an SUG that will
be accountable to the students and they(students) will believe in
themselves and strive hard to be found worthy in character and learning.
I believe with the right information and direction,this can be
achieved. I am passionate and driven by grace to “live” a legacy in the
lives of my friends and my fellow students.

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Are you ready?

Till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you will
pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the

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