Contemplating upon questions with void answers, I am drenched with bewilderment and perplexed with the nation’s achievements so far. It beats my imagination that a nation considered to be corrupt and poorly economically driven has sprouted, apart from being the vanguard of economic development in Africa, but also to be one of the strongest economies in the world rubbing shoulders with counterparts like China, Brazil and United States.

Nigeria, a country heavily criticized by its citizens is now applauded accompanied with the out pour of encomiums from different parts of the country and extensively, the Diaspora. We are now the largest exporter of groundnut and rice and our agricultural goods are consumed by the half of the world’ population making crude oil an option in our foreign exchange. Job employment in Nigeria has increased to a threshold of satisfaction to the citizens, in proportion, reducing crime rates. Our roads, both federal and state are the centre of attraction. The extension of the roads is a masterpiece constructed by Nigerian contractors who studied in Nigerian universities and constructed the road in such a way that there is a link between urban and the very interior rural areas in Nigeria.

The resurrection of the rail way transport system all over the country, coupled with its efficiency, has helped low income earners in transportation. Importation has drastically reduced giving way for Nigerian made goods to strive. It was very motivating on knowing that the re ignition of trust on Nigerian made goods has come to stay, made evident in its usage in the nucleus house of the nation. All properties in the presidential villa are Nigerian made goods, propelling its citizens to appreciate our own products. It is now uncommon to see foreign goods in the nation.

The mentality of the common saying “up NEPA” is now buried 20ft below the ground as constant electricity has come to stay. The interest of our citizens to make it overseas has reduced, even to the extent of those present there already, coming back since our country can offer a million times more than what they get over there. Our high level intensive research is now an epitome of researches worldwide as people preferred studying in Nigerian universities.


My joy knew no bounds on the news of the government’s plan to start exporting automobiles. A country once raided by technological incompetence in myriad ways, treated this illness, provided Nigerian made automobiles at low cost for citizens, and now, it’s ready for exportation. The past trending issue of terrorism caused by an insurgent group called Boko Haram has now be brought to a deadly end by our well equipped, high level security personnel. The complex and competent style of fighting crimes by our police officers has led to their top notch performance, erasing their ancient, unmysterious form of tackling crime in the past, where a police officer is seen standing with a big gun and nothing else.

The entrepreneurial spirit of Nigerians has risen as the high cost of maintaining government officials in post has dwindled. Questions are now being asked over ostentatious display of wealth by the government officials, no wonder the political ambition of people have reduced so far. I could accredit this as a reason to why our local government chairmen are more active than before.

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The new policies that are re galvanizing our nation’s sociocultural affairs along with our own form of government has deeply and immensely integrated our level of cultural diversity, filtrating alien and other forces of foreign dominance. Nepotism, tribalism and ethnicity have seriously gone to a far end, as merit has become the order of the day. The genuine pride of being a Nigerian can be felt by the heroic sound of the national anthem. We now brag about being a Nigerian to our counterparts worldwide. Waking up from sleep, I was enraged by the fact that it was just a beautiful dream.

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