“If education is expensive try ignorance.”  A common saying used as an encouraging
tool to open the eyes of persistent illiterates.  Education, from all
ramifications is the strongest weapon used against the villainy of ignorance. 
    Primary and secondary education equips us with the basics as far as foundation
is concerned, like reading, writing quantitative and verbal reasoning. Having
appreciated the wonders of education, permit me to introduce the issue of
education system.
   Now, an educational system determines what, how and when your
being taught in school. The primary goal of any education system is to gather a
resourceful wealth of knowledge and disseminate according to the level your
find yourself.
   The primary
and secondary system is fine to me but I fault the university system. It is now
a routine that graduates of various universities are scattered everywhere in
the country with no jobs. When you approach some of these employers, they all
converge to the same notion “most of them are not competent”. It can be
testified to the fact that even the ones that manage to scale through, are
being placed under some months training before they are being employed.
   For God’s sake
what then is the use of the university even after wasting student’s time. The
main reason for job searching is to attain some level of financial stability
and when graduates do not see these jobs, they remain financially stagnant.
   Coming down
to our university education system, we spend unnecessary number of years over
some courses that in the real sense should not take too long. Time wastage is a
big factor that has crippled the university education system, by extension
creating financial independence delay to many. 
   I stress on the issue of finance
because truthfully,we all go in search of a degree to get a good job, which
is  getting a good a salary. Some even go
as far as reaching the Ph.D. level. What drives us to do all this? To attain a
level of financial stability.
   The attitude
of time wastage is being instilled unconsciously into students and as we
graduate, that attitude lingers, portrayed in our actions when we are being
assigned any duty in our various place of work. The African time mentality can
also be deep rooted to this issue and it has passed across like a gene from one
generation to the next. 
    This point is found evident in our government
authorities, how major project are being delayed for unnecessary reasons.
Looking at the world, Nigeria to be precise, most people get rich based on
their talents and our system does not enhance the talent of its students. The
mode of entry into the university is enough to frustrate you into killing your
talent. I pity the many who fall victim to this poor system. 
   Take for instance,
how many fashion designers institution do we have or even acting schools?  Yet we have many persons who are in love with
this line of study. If you ask me, we have a university system that suppresses
creativity because it’s a garbage in garbage out system and then come out with
a certificate. After all this, we end up lacking a practical approach which is
very vital thereby affecting financial growth.
university system is what I termed “garbage in garbage out” because apart from
the boring theoretical approach always employed, you’re expected to memorize
and give back what is in the handouts on the day of the exam. Our university
system buries the talent of students. Students are being constrained in their
actions due to the university system. 
   A student who has passion for movie
directing or acting will find it difficult to be trained because our university
has made it in such a way that the courses available is our only option coupled
with desperation, you have no choice, constraining your dreams, by extension,
affecting you financially because wealth comes from potentials and your
potential is your talent. This problem is common in other countries but am
using my country, Nigeria, as a reference point.
   Education is
a means to an end but our system, in disguise makes it both the means and the
end. Personally to me, your earned a first class does not always makes you very
intelligent as its being hyped, your actions and logical thinking is what the
world is interested which we give way to result. This point is made proven when
you see some third class or second class lower being successful in the outside
world. Some first class holders may just cram their notes all the way through
to final year. This is one truth I dare to speak about and we should not shy
away from.
  If we want
our youth to be self-employed, then we need to encourage creativity and equip
them in what they are good at, and please spare us the long unnecessary years
because as we know, time is money. Equipping them in sense that we create a
pathway that we enable students, absorb with joy every information we need know
to enhance creativity leading to financial stability.
                                                                                       -Kennedy Anoka
                                                                                      writer and social commentator
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