The article heading might be a ubiquitous saying but an in depth understanding creates a wide spectrum as to how we actually perceive the problem of Nigeria. Journeying from Awka to Abuja, a particular man in the bus came outpouring his distraught as to how the Nigerian government attacks issues arresting the nation. But has that solved anything?
When always we refer any unfortunate event to the government, what time have we to imbibe creativity in assisting the government. He was a onetime former president of the United States John.F. Kennedy who said “think of not what America can do for you but what you can do for America”. This quote is loved by many but reflecting in our actions, it’s a far cry. Being a typical example of one who nags and bark over every mistake made by the government, it only dawned on me that no fruit was yielded anytime I remember my folly.
> Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft corporations never needed the government to create and raise the idea of Microsoft. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple corporations never needed the advice to do the same and many others. We enslave ourselves by consistently over criticizing every mistake of the government because we decrease our creative ability. Creativity has to do with strategic thinking and we need time to do that. Although I do not applaud the government, its time we citizens go back to the drawing board of ourselves, think out of the box and bring forth an idea that creates a lasting solution to some of our nation’s setbacks. Noticing, most of those persistently nagging over every mistake of the government are mostly civil servant, refusing to create alternative means of income, using the government as an excuse for their financial woes.

Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria because logically speaking, the governments are ruled by Nigerians and the citizens comprises of Nigerians. Blaming the government consistently. What difference are we? Will any difference be made if he or she ascends to that position? These are some questions I soliloquize before blaming. Charity begins at home. Make a change in your area and your assistance will be cherished.

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Understanding the fact to a great extent, the government determines the level of growth; the problem ensues only when we make that thought our ultimate mentality. This is the major reason wealth cannot be accomplished when we portray our selves at the mercy of the government in terms of job offers. Instead creating an idea that can be bought and nurtured by the society is a means of the myriads of solutions that lay low.

Overdependence on the government is what paves way for unnecessary criticism at annoyingly persistent times. It’s like a dog in chains barking consistently to its fellow specie unchained. The chain simply represents lack of pragmatism

 A popular comedian basket mouth said a man picked a fake currency and was ranting as to the level of corruption but when asked about the fake currency, he replied “I spent it”. This joke can be likened to most citizens. In a situation where we rain complaints consistently, it only results to a multiplied effect. It pains to see jobless graduates, attributing their impediment to the government at an infinite level, looking for white collar job. Criticism is not bad and that explain constructive criticism. Am only of the view that nagging over an issue is a waste of time and it incapacitates our creative capacity.

The government functions to create an enabling environment, where ideas can be integrated, coalited and re-galvanize sectors in the nation’s economy to move the country forward. Perfection expectation or something close should really not be sorted for in our government, that’s why our collective effort is necessary. We should take as a clarion call, in a stand to nationalism, contribute our own quota to the government because liking it or not, Nigeria is our country.

Although, having many Nigerians who are creative and are equipping others find different anecdotes to societal ills, there is still much to be done. Only when sharing the problems as to the degree of cause in the society, we can attribute higher degree to the government. But it’s from our quota I speak of because we are not completely hands free. The government and its law abiding citizens is what makes a nation. Even in a dictatorial setting, when the citizens are oppressively ruled; if they react with cowardice, then their suppression will linger. The problem can never be one sided, the degree of cause can only be unequal but no party is completely hands free. In our own quota, it now falls into our hands to raise our eyebrow and try creating avenues leading to the upliftment of our nation. Dedication of Nigerians to develop the nation is more important and should be our topmost priority in all our endeavors. Part of this menace is by developing ourselves which could be in myriads of forms. The youth, the life engine of our country, should be independent in thinking and try not to be constrained by societal sentiments.

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 The government bearing the heavy burden of the societal problematic causes has more than a lot to do. I beckon on our leaders to at least, with utmost dedication provide the basic amenities of citizen and preserve fundamental human rights.

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Remember, there are three kinds of people; people who make things happen, people who watch things happening and people who wondered what happened.

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