Good morning friends. I know the previous post by the editor might have hurt a lot of people. I sincerely sympathise with everyone affected directly or indirectly. I’ve been there and I understand how it feels when a prize you’re finally holding on to at the end of a race is taken away from you. 
I want to take you back to 2011. In August-October 2011, the first time Unizik experienced delay in admission process. JAMB experienced a technical damage and a strange and funny thing happened. Candidates where offered a course different from their choices.
{Pls Note: After the Tertiary institution Entry Examination Reform in 2005, when PUTME was introduced. JAMB no longer reserves the right to offer admission. She only endorses admission after receiving a list of qualified candidates from an institution}
The mistake in 2011 was later corrected.
The good news was: All the candidates affected were finally admitted into their right choice of course. So my dear the director of information discredited JAMB’s congratulatory message, doesn’t mean you will not be admitted at the end. Why worry over little issues when “There’s God.
You have not been denied admission and by the grace of God, you will not be denied.
So please my dear don’t curse, nobody is against your admission….let us wait for our great citadel to complete her admission process. Delay isn’t denial, and a work done without rush expels mistakes.
My dear ex-PreScience students, (2013/2014:Last Session) Congratulation once again. I bring you the best news ever.
A wonderful zikite with a lot of selfless service to unizik in his profile has once again called to help. Mr Murako Emmanuel has offered to help far, wide or near pre-science(ex) students check their scores. And yeaaah…at NO cost at all. You guessed right.
All you have to do is send your NAME, RegNO and phone number to 07083654804 or 08039103483
Rule: one-check-for-a-person.
Love you all

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