*Published By Director, Information and Public Relations*

I hereby appoint/reappoint the under listed Directors/Coordinators,
Deputy Directors/Deputy Coordinators and Chairpersons of the
Vice-Chancellor’s Committees for the 2014/2015 academic year.

thank the outgoing Directors/Coordinators, Deputy Directors/Deputy
Coordinators and Chairpersons of Committees for their contributions to
the growth of the University in the 2013/2014 academic year.

Please forward to my office detailed administrative and financial
Handover notes as you complete action by Monday 20th October, 2014 and
make a copy of your handover note to the Director (Internal Audit).
The appointments take effect from Monday 13th October, 2014.

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(i) Prof. Ikenna Onyido – Director, Sustainable Development,
(ii) Prof. F.J.C. Odibo – Director, Academic Planning/Chairman,
(iii) Prof. Obioma Nwaorgu – Director, Centre for Energy and Environment
(iv) Prof. J.I.B. Adinma – Director, Ekwueme Centre for Multidisciplinary Research
(v) Rev. Fr. Prof. J. Oguejiofor – Director, School of General Studies
(vi) Prof. Au. Nnonyelu – Director, Continuing Education Programme
(vii) Dr. Godson Okafor – Director Infrastructure & Development
(viii) Prof. Emeka Ezeonu – Director, Research, Innovation & Development
(ix) Prof. I.K. Ekwealor – Director, Pre-Science Programme
(x) Prof. Ngozi Anyikwa – Director, Chike Okoli Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies (COCES)
(xi) Prof. Charles Onyenekwe – Director, Biotechnology Research Centre
(xii) Prof. Nkamnebe Anayo – Director, UNIZIK Business School
(xiii) Prof. C.C. Ezechukwu – Director, Special Projects
(xvii) Prof. Alex Asigbo – Director, Centre for Arts, Culture and Humanities
(xiv) Dr. Victor Onyiorah – Director, International Cooperation/Linkages
(xvi) Prof. Ada Sam-Omenyi – Director, Sandwich Programme
(xvii) Prof. Stella Okunna – Director, UNIZIK 94.1 FM Coordinator
(xviii) Prof. Sam K. Okeke – Director, Business Ventures
(xix) Engr. Prof. Innocent Onyeyili – Director/Monitor, Civil Works
(xx) Prof. Mike Oddih – Director, Certificate and Diploma Programmes
(xxi) Dr. Carol Arinze-Umobi – Director, Centre for Conflict Resolution, Early Warning & early Response
(xxii) Engr. Dr. Chukwurah Aginam – Director, Consultancy Services
(xxiii) Dr. Bernard Odoh – Director, Water Resources Network for Southeast Zone
(xxiv) Prof. J. Mengwen (Chinese) – Director II, Confucius Institute
(xxv) Prof. G. Umeasiegbu – Director, Open Spaces/Space Allocations
(xxvi) Prof. Ken Nwogu – Dean, Student Affairs and Chairman Hostel Management
(xxvii) Dr. Alex Mbaekwe – Associate Dean, Student’s
Affairs i/c of Verification and Clearance of Students
(xxviii) Prof. Ifeoma Ekejindu – Ag. Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology
(xxix) Dr. Okeke Godwin – Ag. Dean, Faculty of Law
a. Coordinator, SERVICOM/University/External Communities Relations Sanitation (Nnewi Campus), Prof. O.C. Okpala
b. Coordinator, Transparency/Discipline and Monitoring, Prof. J.I. Ikechebelu
c. Coordinator/Monitor, SERVICOM Affairs and Security of University Documents/Files Dr. B.E.B. Akudinobi
d. Coordinator, Alumni Liaison, Dr. Gladys Ahaneku
e. Coordinator, CHISCO Institute for Transportation Studies, Dr. Solomon Nwigbo
f. Coordinator, University Demonstration Schools (Primary/Secondary, Awka/Nnewi), Dr. Glad Unachukwu
g. Coordinator, Water Supplies, Landscaping and Aesthetics Management (Nnewi and Agulu Campus), Dr. Chima Ihegihu
h. Coordinator/Organizer, Cultural/Traditional/Societal Values, Prof. Chris Anyamene
i. Coordinator, Medical and Sanitation Services, Dr. Emmanuel Onwubuya
j. **Coordinator, Information Communication Technology (ICT) Engr. C. Umedum
k. Joint Coordinators on Religious Festivities/Events, Rev. Fr. Dr. Wencelaus N. Ofojebe and Rev. Fr. Prof. Anayo Nkamnebe
(1) Dr. Eric Ofoedu – Deputy Director, Academic Planning
(2) Dr. Stan Udedi – Deputy Director, Biotechnology Research Centre
(3) Dr. Chika Ile – Deputy Director, COCES
(4) Prof. Patrick Akpan – Deputy Director, Ekwueme Centre for Multidisciplinary Research
(5) Engr. Jones Okeke – Deputy Director, CEP
(6) Dr. Lady Bekky Adirika – Deputy Director, School of General Studies
(7) Dr. Ogoo Ezeonu – Deputy Director, Pre-Science Programme
(8) Dr. Vivian Nwogbo – Deputy Director, Sandwich Programme
(9) Dr. Achunam Nwabueze – Deputy Director, Business Ventures
(10) Dr. Ifeoma Dunu – Deputy Director, UNIZIK 94.1 FM
(11) Dr. William Obiozor – Deputy Director, International CooperationLinkages
(12) Dr. Chinedu Uchechukwu – Deputy Director, Centre for Arts, Culture & Humanities
(13) Dr. Patrick Egbunike – Deputy Director, UNIZIK Business School
(14) Dr. Anthony Ugezu – Deputy Director, Open Space and Space Allocation
(15) Dr. E. Bassy – Deputy Director, Consultancy Services
(16) Dr. Elizabeth Ezenweke – Deputy Director, Certificate and Diploma Programmes
(17) Kingsley Ubaorji – Deputy Coordinator, Alumni Liaison,
(18) Dr. Titus Chukwuanukwu – Deputy Director, General Studies for Nnewi and Agulu Campus
(19) Dr. I.K. Okoli – Deputy Director, Research, Innovation and Development
(20) Dr. Kingsley Chilaka – Deputy Coordintaor, DTLC
(21) Engr. Paul Okolie – Deputy Coordinator, CHISCO Institute of Transportation Studies
(22) Dr. Ugochukwu Okonkwo – Deputy Chairman, University/Industry Research Group and Development
(23) Engr. Azubuike Aniedu – Deputy Coordinator, ICT
(24) Rev. Fr. Dr. Ken Ikenga Oraegbunam – Deputy Director, Special Project
(25) Dr. Charles Ogu – Deputy Director/Monitor Civil Works
(1) Prof. F.J.C. Odibo – Curriculum Committee, Calendar and Publications
(2) Prof. Sam. Okeke – Staff Welfare/Club/Services
(3) Prof. Amaechi Oyeka – Chairperson, Inaugural Lectures Committee
(4) Prof. S.N.C. Anyanwu – Chairman, University Ethics Committee
(5) Prof. Ken Nwogu – University Orator
(i) Dr. Chike Okoye ) – Deputy University Orators
(ii) Dr. J.K.C. Emejulu )
(6) Prof. Mike Ezeama – University Bookshop
(7) Prof. I.K. Ekwealor – Pre-Science Programme/Time-table Committee
(8) Prof. Au. Nnonyelu – CEP
(9) Prof. Frank Ogbo – Chairman, University/Industry Research, Group and Development
The administrative and academic activities of the University have
increased quite measurably; more hands are required for proper
supervision, serious monitoring and smooth execution of functions.
These appointments are expected to address the various issues that may
arise accordingly in order to enhance the work of the Vice-Chancellor,
the University Management and the Senate (**Observer(s) in the Senate
where applicable).
Prof. Joseph E. Ahaneku, FAS

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