The Students’ Union Government (SUG) of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka (UNIZIK) Friday, met with the Ifite Hostels Presidents and Chairman of the Ifite Hostels Presidents Forum (IPF) in order make some decisions that will better the lives of Zikites.
After the meeting, the following lodges join the list of lodges under embargo:
1. Holy Trinity Hostel
2. Mary Land Hostel
3. Marvellous Hostel
4. Netherland Hostel
5. Emiliaa Hostel
6. Adaji Hostel
7. Holy Family Hostel (stone throw after next level).
Students occupying the above listed hostels were therefore instructed not to pay or renew their rents for the 2014/2015 academic session. The union had after it’s meeting last week, also placed some hostels on embargo. All the occupants of hostels placed on embargo both the ones announced last week and these current ones are instructed to help the union by not renewing or paying their 2014/2015 rents.
Other resolutions of yesterday’s meeting are that henceforth all the lodges in Ifite shall operate two separate accounts which will be the existing house rent account managed by landlords and new one for electricity bill that will be paid to the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC). Signatories to the new hostel accounts shall be the Hostel President, Financial Secretary or floor member and the Caretaker. Therefore, payments of electricity bills and rents after the lifting of the embargo and reaching consensus with landlords shall be done through two separate accounts (Rents and Electricity bills) to be managed by landlords and students’ hostels representatives respectively.
After the SUG meeting with EEDC, it was agreed that students will henceforth, pay their electricity bills to the EEDC annually and no longer monthly and that two receipts will now be issued. Rents for the caretaker and that of electricity bill to the lodge president.
Also, The President will go to bank twice in a year (each semester) and he will be issued a statement of account on how money in the lodge account have been paid, utilised withdrawn. However hostels have right to demand their statements of account anytime they wish.
Reports reaching the SUG from EEDC showed that the reason why students don’t have light this days in Ifite is because of stupid and inhuman acts of students. An EEDC Officer was almost killed the other day while working on Ifite axis light terminal Circuit Switch (Opposite Whyte View) which he switched off. On climbing to the main Amansea sub-station unscrupulous students went there and switched it on. If not that there was a total black out or light off in Ifite, the EEDC officer could have been instantly electrocuted.
Students are fond of when ever an EEDC Officer is working and switched off the terminal, they will go there and switch it on thereby destroying EEDC facilities and putting the life of EEDC officers at risk. This had led to EEDC abandoning us to our fate for our stupid acts.
Henceforth when ever EEDC will be working any student(s) who dare go and switch on that Ifite circuit in Whyte View will find him or herself either at Umuahia Zone 7 or Awkuzu SARS and such student shall be on his or her own because the union will never come to his or her aid or bail him or her. EEDC will station a security officer at that axis anytime they are working in Ifite.
It have came to the SUG notice and that of EEDC that many hostels engage in illegal connections, one of the notorious lodge in that act is EMEKA AKAIGWE LODGE which has PHD on illegal connection. The SUG hereby warn all hostels especially our students to desist from illegal Connections and henceforth in accordance with EEDC policy any hostel that engaged in illegal connection shall pay the sum of N50,000 to EEDC and N10,000 to SUG through Ifite Hostels Presidents Forum (IPF). EMEKA AKAIGWE Lodge is hereby seriously warned.
What will save any hostel involved in illegal connection is to produce the student(s) who engaged in such connection to get arrested and be prosecuted or the lodge will be sealed through the help of Security authority. Ifite Hostels Presidents and the SUG also resolved to set up monitoring committee that will help in fishing out lodges that will default.
Meanwhile The chairman of UNIZIK chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has advised the union to write formally and send text messages to the Landlords and Caretakers. The SUG and Hostel Presidents therefore decided that they will write formally both through letters and SMS to the caretakers inviting them to their next meeting so as to open up a channel of dialogue and communication with the union.
The ASUU Chairman advised the SUG to write formally and send text messages to the Landlords and Caretakers so as to open up a channel of dialogue as one of the ways to start a civilised and modernised struggle.
During the meeting, there was serious and bitter complaints by hostels presidents concerning the assaults and intimidations regularly received by students by the anti cult. After hearing the complaints, the SUG reiterated that they are tired of so many reports of harassments and assaults of our students by security personnel (AKA Anti-cult) attached or living in various hostels in Ifite. The Union said that the matter is becoming unbearable and decided that they will formally meet the University’s Chief Security Officer (CSO) over that to call his men to order in other to imbibe a civilised way of carrying out their duties because this is a civilised world and not a jungle. The union noted that the students living in hostels have tolerated the anti cult excesses so much and they should stop harassing and intimidating students and the hostels officers they elected to work for them. The union further said that the anti cult officials should mind their security job and henceforth stop interfering in the works of hostels presidents because henceforth such excesses will no longer be tolerated.
Also, The union said that if they take their report to the CSO and there was no improvement over the issue, they will have no choice than to table the issue to the students’ father, the Vice Chancellor whom they so much believe will intervene.
According to the union, if care is not taken, the hostels will have no other alternative than to rise to self defence against any security officer(s) that harass or assault any of their fellow students or hostel officers they elected to work for them base on the principle that he who break the pot of bees should not run but stay and receive the consequences that follows it.
A case of Ezebuilo lodge where an Anti-cult officer is imposing himself as the lodge caretaker was tabled and SUG with IPF directed Ezebuilo lodge president to write to the Vice Chancellor, CSO, Dean Students Affairs and ASUU chairman and copy it to relevant authorities in the university which he did immediately and circulated.
The meeting ended around 7PM and the union disclosed that another meeting with the hostels presidents will take place next week on a date to be later announced and promised to use every channels of communication to reach and invite both the landlords and caretakers.
Present at the meeting were the union’s president Comrade Ibe Chukwunonso Cico Michael ably represented by the the chief judge justice I.A Muoneme, the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) speaker Rt Hon Chekwube Okigbo and IPF President Hon Dominic. The President who was absent for the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS)meeting mandated the Chief Judge to hold brief for him.

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