>Inferiority COMPLEX is never a quality of a brave REX; WEAKNESS was
never, is never, & would never be a WITNESS when it comes to
attaining GREATNESS.

>In a CLIQUE of many persons, every one there is UNIQUE because God created everyone with a specific TECHNIQUE.

>As you endeavor to keep your labour on, also you should pray God to keep His favour & fervour on.

>Your best tomorrow begins from your better today which began from your good yesterday.

has a special GIFT, the GIFT that will DRIFT & LIFT one to the PEAK
of every FEAT, & one should not SHIFT away from such a GIFT nor
engage in a RIFT with such a paranormal GIFT.

Read More Here:  The Press Briefing With Very Rev. Fr. Prof. Bonachristus Umeogu, Sponsor Of The First Edition Of NAYOB.

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