Good afternoon Zikites and prospective Zikites,

          It has come to our notice that some unscrupulous persons have been publishing some figures especially on the social media e.g facebook,These persons are claiming that these figures are the official cut off marks for this year’s admission exercise thereby making many of our students and parents unduly apprehensive and hence very desperate.

    As a responsible media body we are bent on bringing you the very best of credible information from our school..As it stands our school UNIZIK does not release its cut off marks to the public anymore.This is because there are other criteria used to award admission into our university.

   We urge you to kindly disregard those figures you have been seeing on facebook and other platforms,their sole aim is to exploit you for pecuniary gains.


    The admission list is currently being compiled and we can assure that you will be seeing that anytime from now,certainly before the end of this month.

    We also want to use this opportunity to inform students wishing to buy the diploma forms,that the form is not yet on sale.Please disregard any information that suggests differently.

     We urge to remain patient and keep visiting our site ,we are poised to keeping you informed.

       Have a very splendid and a stress free day.

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