“You made us ‘ape’ to rape”

When I published the article on rape,I received many responses from guys
who insisted that ladies are the reason for their own misfortune of
rape. To a large extent,they’re the ones who go ahead to dress in a
provocative way,revealing some sensitive parts of their body and luring
men to think about them in that manner. Either ways, the men were of the
opinion that ladies curse and place themselves in a position to be

It is not always the case. A lady can be raped even when she never
thought of it or dressed to show any part of her body. I have spoken to
decent girls who,in the execution of their daily activities,got raped by
someone who ought to be protecting their interest. I am not saying that
some ladies don’t bring upon themselves that which befall them. In many
instances,ladies go out of their way to rape guys even. All I am saying
is that in any situation,no one deserves to be raped.

If my dressing is provocative,then control yourself. In normal
terms,what we term provocative or sexual dressing around here is more or
less normal dressing. This is because even though a lady is well
dressed in an uptight gown,a guy will still admire her “behind” and lust
after her. In the end,blame should not be heaped on the females alone
but also on the men who have sworn in their anger that no lady will
cross their path without allowing them inside…with or without

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In the last article,Martin Beck Nworah asked a pertinent question and I
make bold to repeat same again;”Why take by force that which you can get
by merely asking?” If the answer is no,then warn and hold yourself. No
man has ever become great by raping women and in the history of
mankind,no notable laurel has been given to the best wiper! Warn
yourself! Leave our ladies alone!

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Till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you will
pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the


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