This is just a format of calculation that could give you an edge knowing your fate and admission status, before hand.
Note: This is not going a strong  guarantee. we are just sharing based on how we know it is been done. Also, note that Unizik has not announced her cut-off mark for various departments.

Now, this is how it is done:
1. Multiply your post ume score by four (i.e pume score X 4)
2. Add your JAMB score to the product (i.e pume X 4 Jamb).
3. Divide the sum by two.(i.e pume X 4 jamb/2) and that gives your cut-off mark.
Assuming Mr. B scored 220 in his Jamb and 60 in post ume, his score will be:
60 X 4 = 240
240 220 =460
460/2 = 230.
Now if Mr. P applied for Theatre Art and Unizik happens to announce her cut-off mark for Theatre Art as 230 or below, it means Mr. P is most likely to gain admission.
(You can calculate yours on your own.)

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