Are you an ape? Why rape?

I talk a lot. Above that treasured talent of talking,is another which I
hold so dear to my heart; listening. Every lady I meet always has a
story to tell and because I meet a lot,it helped me to develop and
cultivate a healthy habit of listening. But right now,I have heard
enough so I’m daring you to listen. Our ladies are suffering in silence
and nobody cares to pay attention. When you dare to listen,what you will
hear will terrify you and send shock waves down your spine…can you
stand it?

My name is Martin Beck Nworah and as a young student of Nnamdi Azikiwe
University,I have listened to ladies narrate their stories of rape to
me. Yes! This article is about rape so you can ignore it as always. Why?
Why have our young men taken it upon themselves as a cross of life;that
they will have carnal knowledge of any girl within their grip whether
the lady permits it or not. Why? Why take by force that which you can
get by just asking?

Why rape? Are you an ape? It is hard to control oneself and I have a
first hand experience of this. But you can try,it can be done and you
will be happy you controlled yourself in that one moment you could’ve
given everything away. The emotional and psychological trauma is quite
heavy and many become lesbians. Why? Because all men are rapists so its
better to stick to a woman. That decision is akin to jumping off the
window of a fast moving car and getting crushed by a 911. Either ways,
you will still die.

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I dared to listen and show empathy to young ladies who are lost in the
privacy of their heart with no one to care. They go through hell
everyday and hide it behind a smile. Some will often tell me; “the world
is a lonely place,nobody cares or wants to share in your sorrow;so why
show it?”. The world is harsh and lonely I know,but you can’t continue
to live like this. Come out! Speak up! If you are afraid of being
stigmatised,I’m here for you. You can reach out and together,we will
crush that resentment and hatred that has filled your heart. This hatred
has turned you into a monster and you are afraid of everybody…you
deserve better.

To the men, I ask you again; why take by force that which you can get by
asking? “What if the answer is no?” Then restraint and self control is
what we need to learn and make a part of who we are. Believe me when I
tell you that in the end,you will be more annoyed with yourself for the
many times you raped a lady without “enjoying” the act than when there’s
an accord. Leave “them girls” alone and focus on defining your life.
When you achieve a standard in your life,you can marry and pin your wife
to the wall. Like I said,your wife…it is not my business at that
point. Just make sure you don’t rape her in that marriage as well.

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If you’ve dared to listen;then do something and help our ladies. End rape today!

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Till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you will
pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the


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