We work hard everyday trying our best to make ends meet. We wake
up very early in the morning and go to bed very late with little or no
food. We work so hard to eke out a living and survive in this world but
it seems our efforts don’t count. We cry. We work. We toil. Nobody seems
to be paying attention or looking towards us. Nobody notices our hard
work or dedication to duty. People insult us and call us names because
they feel we’re the reason for our own failure. They may be right or
wrong. The world is harsh I know,but we never stop working.

We pray hard and seek for divine intervention in our life. We have been
from one prayer house to another crying and begging God to intervene.
Our mates laugh us to scorn,but don’t forget; people are generally more
interested in stories about people rather than things. It seems God is
no longer God. We regret ever praying to Him or paying our tithe in the
church. We detest our life and question the very essence of our
creation(that’s if we know the essence anyway). Our prayers don’t count
because we feel God is no longer interested whether we live or die. In
our hearts of heart,we trusted him but he failed us. We may be right or
wrong. The world is harsh I know,but we will never stop praying.

We have repeatedly placed our hope on people and they failed us. Many
have authoritatively told us that their late great grand father and the
president were classmates,so we shouldn’t worry…”Employment na our

             We believed him with every sense of commitment and even gave him
our body. We used our last ‘card’ and had some good time with friends in
celebration of our new job. We may be stupid or not. But we sincerely
hoped it will click. It didn’t. We continued to hope on hopeless hope
and nothing happens in our life. People make promises to us but every
now and then,they turn us down when we most likely needed them to fulfil
their promises in our life. It hurts I know. Many will brand us as a
hopeless “hope-nothing” and a shear expression of enthusiastic
nothingness. They may be right or wrong. The world is harsh I know,but
we will never stop hoping.

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We trusted our best friend with a secret that our life hangs on. We
might have been stupid to trust in such a true best friend. Maybe yes or
no. The secret was a secret till the best moment of our life came
around. From the blues,the best friend stabs our secret right into our
heart and destroys our home,family,career and everything we’ve ever
worked for.

                 We trusted him so much to pay back and we loaned him money
off the books. After all,he is our “guy”. Our guy runs away and reveals
to our boss that we stole money from the company’s account. We
trusted…we were stabbed. We have a severe depressed personality and
always need someone to confide in. We trusted him/her to keep our

             We confided in the individual and we felt better. Our life was
moving on the smooth lane and we were progressing. He/She appears from
the blues(these Chelsea fans),and tells everyone our secrets. People
will call us stupid and foolish for telling someone our secrets. They
don’t know our history or what we’ve been through. They simply don’t
know our story. They may be right or wrong. The world is harsh I
know,but we will never stop trusting.

My name is Martin Beck Nworah and I know. I try my best to write
anything that comes to my head and hope it helps us to live a better
life. I read many books and try my best to focus in life. I don’t party,
drink,smoke,club,flirt,fling or have any negative deviant
attitude(rubbish,bros…your life is boring joor). I continue to
work,pray,hope,study and trust that our Nigeria will be better for my
generation. The future seems dark and holds no light for us. But I still
believe. I am confident that Nigeria will wake up and be the true giant
of Africa both on papers and in terms of development. I know in the
nearest future,vending machines will be positioned in our streets and
nobody will try to steal the drinks without inserting a coin. I believe
in my Nigeria. The world is harsh I know,but we will never stop
working,praying,trusting and believing.

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Till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you will
pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the

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(Written by a Nigerian Law Under-graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University
Awka who is very much enthusiastic about the future and what it
positively holds for the Nigerian youths. It would be a great source of
inspiration to this young man and millions of his kind if this is
published and read by the whole world. Thank you so very much.)

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