From the start,I want to make it clear I have nothing against gays but
those advocating for their rights who are not . If its cool to be an
activist advocating for gay rights,why not become one then? After
all,the best way to preach a gospel is by example. Ngozi Adichie wrote
an article few days ago in defence of gays and I really love her piece. I
have just one advice for her,
“Become a gay please”. I have friends who
are lesbians,homosexuals,those who “do it” with animals(especially dogs
and goats) and I’m cool with them. The issue of their sexuality is a
topic we don’t bring up because we share divergent views about it. When
it comes to gays,I’m indifferent about it all. After all,we are not sure
who is doing the right thing or not. We are acting based on what we
think is best for our human society.
For Nigeria and her anti-gay law,its all good. The strong point I’m just
trying to make is simple;if you must fight for gay rights,become one.
You have to practice what you preach and be proud of it. “I’m gay and
I’m proud of it,I’m the President of the United States of
America”…that’s what we need. You cannot marry a woman,bear children
and you are advising us to keep our sexual orientation as gays. NO! You
must practice what you preach. But if you’re not so keen in becoming one
as you advocate the rights,then shut up. I’m sick and tired of people
shouting that gays should be left alone,can you as a staff of Fidelity
Bank,be shouting at the employers at UBA to pay her staff? If you must
shout,then you must be one of them.
Being gay is cool and I believe if everybody was open like Ellen about
their sexual orientation,all these rantings will stop. I don’t hate gays
and I don’t like them. Like I said,I’m indifferent about them and I
have them as friends. The only problem they have is with their sexual
orientation which many acquired as a result of what the society made
them to become. The society ofcourse should not be blamed for our
failure in life because we must take responsibility for our actions.
So to all the gays in Nigeria,my advice to you is very clear. Come out
in the open and tell the world that you’re gay. You will be prosecuted
and sent to prison for 14 years because its against our laws. But at
least,you’re suffering for what you believe in “abi”? At least,by the
time a handful of gays are in prison,the government may construct a
separate jail for you. To those advocating for gay rights who are not
gays,please become one. Practice what you preach. Chimamanda Adichie and
other public figures advocating for gays in Nigeria,please become a
gay. The prison is not exclusive to some people alone,it can as well
accommodate the rest of you. So return to Nigeria and become a gay.
Till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you will
pass a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.


  1. This piece is so so shallow and stupid on so many levels, don't even no where or how to start. Just going to say this. Mr. A personally doesn't like yellow shirts, Mr. B likes yellow shirts. Mr. C castigates Mr B for wearing yellow shirts. Mr. A tells. Mr. C to lock up and let Mr. B be, cos after all, its his life and his business. Does that mean Mr. A likes yellow shirts??? DUUUUDE!!!

  2. Your logic is flawed in more ways than one. The "gospel" in this case is that everyone has a right to choose their sexuality and being straight is part of exercising that right.
    Am sorry to say, but your quest to be "famous" or to do something "cool" has literarilly made you the dumbest person on the planet. This is the problem with we nigerians (sorry to say), we try as much as possible to put all logical reasoning aside just because we think we know best. Being "indifferent" is stupid, people die because of these issues and you are "indifferent"? Open your mind dude. Take a chill and re-read everything you wrote, half of it doesn't make sense.

    1. my dear people die for the a just cause that they believe in.the writer is vonly expressing his own views,u dnt need to run your busy body mouth sayin rubbish.if u fink its easy to write pls do and lets read urs.

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