A father has allegedly beaten his four-year old son to death, padlocking
his mouth to prevent him from shouting while the beating lasted.

The incident occurred on Monday afternoon at 7, Adetola Adelaja Street, Meiran area of Lagos.

was gathered that the man, Mr. Chris Elvis, who claims to sell computer
accessories, allegedly locked his son, Godrich in the room, padlocked
his mouth and beat him to death with an object that inflicted deep cuts
all over his body, claiming that the boy was an Ogbanje (evil child that
dies and reincarnates repeatedly).

man landed in trouble when his landlady, Mrs Popoola who was in the
market, was informed that something was happening in her house. She
rushed home and discovered that the boy had been beaten to death by his
father. She rushed to Meiran Police Station to report the matter. The
police stormed the house around 9 O’clock last night to arrest Elvis who
was about to escape.

After allegedly killing the boy, he locked
him in one of his rooms. He told the police that nothing happened but
when the police forced the locked room open, they found the dead boy
with padlock in his mouth.

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Husband of the landlady, Mr. Olusola
Adejumo said that the man had been acting strange since he packed into
the compound last year, explaining that sometime ago, the man travelled
with his family and did not return with his wife, but came with the
four-year old boy and another woman, whom he claimed was now his wife
because he had parted ways with his former wife.

He said that
yesterday, his new wife rushed out of the house shouting for help that
the man wanted to kill his son, adding that the man came out of the
house and chased his wife with a cutlass, calling the woman a witch. He
then went back into his room and locked it, padlocked the boy’s mouth
and beat him till he died.

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The police at Meiran took the boy’s
corpse away and deposited it at the Ota General Hospital, while the man
was detained and would be transferred to Area ‘M’ Police Division in
Lagos later for further investigation. The police also arrested the
landlady who came to report the matter at the police station and
detained her till Tuesday morning, while allegedly demanding for N50,000
to bail the innocent woman.

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