To me, Fela was more than just a musician. I have carefully studied more
than 50 tracks in his different albums and I came to the conclusion that
Fela,inspite of the short comings in his private life,reflected what a
true leader should be. He talked to the teachers,advised the
government,appealed to the masses and did everything he could with his
music,just to make sure Nigeria is better. Today,many of the things he
complained about many years ago is still happening. And if he is alive
today,I wonder what he will tell our government and teachers. You know
why I love creative arts? It will bring out your true identity and give
you the highest expression of your personality. I shake my head when I
hear tracks of a few Nigerian musicians today;if only they listened to
the lyrics of Fela’s songs,they’ll comprehend what it means to be a true
Creativity and talent go hand in hand. That is why till tomorrow,people
will always remember you for your originality and creativity. Fela stood
for many things asides attacking the government to provide better means
of livelihood for the citizens. We hate hearing the truth and facing
the reality before us,that is why we prefer listening to their so-called
“club bangers” with no meaning. And actually, the “touts” who composed
those things will tell you it has no meaning. You can’t pick a single
word from it and it pains.
There are a few of them who say things you can understand even if
they’re talking about party,feel good,love and any thing else. Check out
2face,there has never been any of his songs that I didn’t pick out the
theme or understand his lyrics.
Burna Boy is also making efforts to use
words and not speak gibberish. Asa,Faze, Bez, Brymo,Omawunmi,

Praiz, D’banj(before
he broke up. Only “Top of the world” made sense after),Waje. There are
many others that I will mention when I recharge my memory;they’re doing
their best to talk music and sense. For the others who talk about
women’s breast,waist,hips,thighs;continue,very soon you’ll be sent
to the primary schools to teach them parts of the body. Till we get to
the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you’ll pass me a glass of
water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race.

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