Having had the opportunity of meeting different characters and
personalities along my life journey,I believe there are some people we
need to avoid if we’re ever planning on succeeding in this life. If you
have someone in your life who is always pointing fingers at others and
yelling on them that they’re wasting their life and time,run away from
the person. He is always right and does no wrong. In his ignorance,he
has crowned himself king of his own world and if you dare get involved
with him,he’ll poison your reasoning. And mind you,many people on this
cadre are mostly bitter with their own life.

More to the list of those to avoid is the person who always complains of
not having money. Yes! We all know the country is hard,you don’t always
need to make it a form of greeting for us. These brand of personality
is dangerous to your progress in life. This is because they fail to
understand that there will never be a time when one will have enough
money. They’re so negative about life that they’ll complain at any given
opportunity. They’ll blame everyone else for their failure but they’ll
never make effort to be better. They wallow in self pity and will
readily manipulate you to their side. I know them very much and they
often use terms like this,”I know I’ve failed(even though they made no
effort to succeed),but God knows I don’t deserve this treatment…I
can’t even help myself”. That’s manipulation,if you don’t wake up to
face your life challenges,even God will forsake you and I will join in
the parade.
The grand master is the one who feels everybody on this earth owes him
some amount of respect for being alive;run away from him. He presents
himself as the face of goodwill and perfection but blackmailing and
manipulating everyone to see him as the saviour. If you detest or
challenge him,he will rally everyone against you and you will pay
dearly. They come in different shapes,sizes and positions in life,be
weary of them.
Life is short and we have a lot to accomplish before going to meet our
creator. I have made up my mind that I will never pity nor respect a
man, who has failed to live up to his calling in life by virtue of his
own stupidity and nonchalant attitude towards life. The watch word
should be reasoning and not emotions. If you deserve it,you will earn
it. Till we get to the Promised Land,I shall be waiting for when you
will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for
the race.


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