Thanks to Burna boy for painting our Nigerian scenario in his track
“Yawa dey”;I got the lead/inspiration for this article from the song.
Now let me fire on. “Yawa dey my people”,when Ahmed,a graduate has
stayed at home for seven years searching for job with no luck. He
decides to use his grandfather’s old 505 for taxi service. In a
day,he’ll visit the mechanic five times just to make sure the engines
are alive. While coming out from the fourth visit to the mechanic,police
stops him and insists he must drop something for the boys. He looks
inside his empty pocket,looks at the policeman,eyes the dagger beside
him and shakes his head…yawa dey.

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Mr. Emeka has been dodging his landlord for the past five months to
avoid paying his long overdue rent. His pastor has been brainwashing him
that he must always sow in order to reap. He diverts his house rent to
the church hoping that one day, “pepper go rest” and he will also ride
his own BMW X6 like the pastor. Then one faithful evening,the frustrated
man meets his landlord in front of his church,the pastor reminds him
that he has not paid his tithe for the month. The landlord complains to
the pastor about his(Mr.Emeka’s) overdue rent and Mr.Emeka’s son informs
him that he has just been sent out of school…yawa dey.

Tunde is at the parks with his mouth always open,ready for fight. He
makes around 500 naira from the motor parks and spends 450 on drinks and
cigarette. He is dating three ladies and lives in a one room apartment
with his three brothers. He has not eaten since today and some people
tell him that there is a political “peaceful” riot in the state. They
hand him a gun and recruits him as a foot soldier to do other things
before,during and after elections. He finishes the job,escapes with the
gun and is now sitting under the mango tree,thinking of what to do with
the gun, as he smokes away his pain. Should I steal? Kidnap? Or kill?
…Yawa dey.
His name is Martin Beck Nworah,he wrote this article and is very much
interested in seeing that Nigerians read it. He hopes it will be posted
online for everyone to see. And as he completes his 102 push-ups and
counts his Abs,he is wondering the type of “yawa” that will “dey” if
this article is not published or maybe you dare copy and paste without
permission….yawa dey. I believe we will settle all our “yawa” and live
happily in this country,so that when we must’ve succeeded in getting to
the Promised Land, you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for
the gift of grace for the race.

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