photo - Guess Which Cossy Orjiakor's Body Parts Are Now Insured For N256m

Orjiakor, a Nollywood actress who may be known not only for her roles
or musical talents, has reportedly agreed to to insure her prominent
bosom for the sum of $1.6million (around N256million).

say, the deal was introduced to Orjiakor by her American friend.
Enhanced Silicon Inc., responsible for ensuring body parts of various
foreign celebritis, has reportedly agreed to the deal just before
Orjiakor’s recent birthday bash.
The actress is supposed to be in Los Angeles, United States, in two weeks to sign the contract.
She is quoted as saying she specifically asked for the sum of $1.6million.
are allegedly some rules in the awaiting contract, for instance,
limited amount of people who can touch her breasts each month.

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both breasts have been given names, and must now be treated as persons
in future movie roles, meaning Enhanced Silicon Inc. will determine how
much a movie producer will pay each bosóm for an appearance in a movie.
“The downside of the deal is that I may get dressed,” Cossy said.

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