Have you listened to Kcee’s latest singles “Ogadinma”? If not, I advice
you do. Inspiration they say can come from weird places and I can
authoritatively tell you that if our Nigerian musicians make songs like
this one,Nigeria would’ve been better off. He started by narrating the
story of a poor family,how the father neglects his responsibilities and
how the mother sells pure water at go-slows to make a living…I wept
bitterly. Kcee painted the perfect picture of what many families are
facing in a country where there is so much riches being circulated by a
privileged few. He kept on encouraging them by saying,”Ogadinma”(It
shall be well)
Onyinyechukwu(Gift of God) is the 15 years old girl,being stalked by all
street boys and conductors. A perfect picture of the dilemma our young
girls suffer in a society that has no regard for womanhood;truly,this
gift of God has been left to rout. Ekenechukwu(God’s praise) is the
brother who hawks goods,disturbs the street and causes all sorts of
trouble. This brings to life the ghetto training that our young boys
receive; and this is why you’ll always see them at the park

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restive and ready to fight. And this is the part I love in the song,Kcee
insisted that life is not easy,so we should take it gently and
softly…hoping that “na ogadinma”. (It shall be well)

He talked about Onyinyechukwu’s waist and don’t worry,I closed my ears
when he got to how she shakes it;at least the song must go commercial.
And here,he gave the greatest advice; everyone wants to live
happily,everyone wants to become a VIP,but he succinctly brought it to
our notice that all fingers are not equal. Hence there is need for us to
take life easy because it shall be well(Ogadinma). He warned Juliana to
take her time and I believe that Julie might be the ‘runz’ babe who has
sworn to get all by “all” means. In the typical way of every Nigerian
who wants things to get better,he wished we all succeed,he wished that
day light will elude us so that we can enjoy all night;but at the end,we
must work hard and believe,because it shall be well. Finally,we went on
to greet his main guys. I’m inspired by this song and I’m putting it on
replay,we need our musicians to inspire us from time to time and not
talk about b**bs and s*x everytime. God bless your soul Kcee.
And when we must’ve succeeded in getting to the Promised land,you will
pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the


  1. Lovely music,love write-up. This guy tries so much. Unizik mata…una make sense die. Thanks for the post…hope to see more.

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