actress, Nadia Buari’s mother, Hajia Buari has cursed Nollywood playboy
Jim Iyke for leading her daughter on, making her believe he would
settle down with her and then breaking her heart.

Jim and Nadia have been posting romantic photos of them together and
the couple appeared to be so in love until
recently when Jim took to his
twitter handle to announce that he had no plans of getting married soon
and Nadia responded by deleting all their lovey-dovey photos on her
instagram account.

After the break-up news hit social media, Hajia according to a Ghanaian entertainment site said the couple were great together.

“They were great together. They were like a couple and we thought
they were heading for the altar. She was very connected to him.”

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“She has talked to me about getting married and having children. She
plans on settling down but not right now. She has to focus on her

She went further to release curses on Jim Iyke saying he will suffer untold hardship.

Angry Hajia Buari was quoted as saying, “That Nigerian boy will suffer for daring to break my baby’s heart.”

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Do you think Jim and Nadia will make up?

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