Thanks to an Instagram photo, NET has finally been vindicated. Ayodeji
‘Wizkid’ Balogun has finally confirmed our story that he’s the proud
father of a two year boy named Boluwatife.

On August 21, 2011,
when Nigerian Entertainment Today published an exclusive report that
Wizkid has fathered a baby with an undergraduate named Oluwanishola
Ogudugu, Wizkid denied the report. Days before, in an exclusive
interview conducted in his Ogudu GRA home, Wizkid had laughed off the
question, responding ‘It sounds funny. Look at it ‘Wizkid has a kid’.
Doesn’t that sound funny itself?‘

His label and management
remained more than silent on the issue and for years Wizkid and his team
avoided questions concerning the ‘rumours’. In an interview with The
Punch in December 2012, Wizkid blatantly denied the baby-story.

‘It was rumoured that I
had a love child. Even if I had a child, I don’t think it is something I
should be ashamed of. Instead, I would come out plainly and declare
that I am a father. Everybody makes mistakes. But it was just a false
rumour. I don’t have a child anywhere‘, Wizkid told Nonye Ben-Nwankwo.
we now be concerned that Wizkid is singing a new tune, and accepting
fatherhood or just assume the once naïve young boy has grown up to
accept his responsibilities?

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Speaking of responsibilities, the
baby mama in question Oluwanishola Ogudugu (fondly called Sola) unlike
many other celeb baby mamas was never thrown into the spotlight until
now. That would be because Wizzy never accepted the baby back then;
making most of his die hard fans believe she never even existed. And
even when pictures of Sola and a toddler hit the gossip blogs late last
year, no one was interested.

It must have been a hard time also
for little known Sola (who is in her mid-20s, we are told) but the young
lady soon outgrew her worries and accepted motherhood way before Wizzy
did fatherhood – Sola has constantly been posting pictures of Boluwatife
since he turned one, especially on Facebook and Instagram.

seems Sola has moved on too, she currently works at a business solutions
and market access company Structured Resource Business Limited located
on Norman Williams Ikoyi Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria. According to her
Instagram photos, Sola is in a relationship with another young man.

is also in a relationship with another woman Tania Omotayo. Sources
close to the couple say their relationship is quite strong not minding
public scrutiny. Omotayo recently revealed on Twitter that she had known
Wizkid before the singer fathered his first child. ‘We met five years
ago at a friend’s house‘, Tania told someone on Twitter this October.


Boluwatife is already warming up to be a star in his own right: with over 600 followers on Instagram. Beat that!

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