A model from South Florida was arrested for stabbing her boyfriend with a pocket knife because his dog ate her Marijuana stash.

Scott, 26, who told a judge she does modeling work, posed for a Broward
Sheriff’s Office mugshot after she was arrested on Sunday evening and
charged with one count of domestic battery.

Her boyfriend, Kevin Wiggins, suffered two small knife cuts in the face and head area and one gash across his hand.

Scott explained to deputies that her boyfriend kept walking into her knife as the two argued, according to an arrest report.

told deputies the couple got into a fight after his dog ate her
marijuana. Wiggins said she kicked him out of the apartment but he
couldn’t find his personal items. The model hid all his stuff, the
boyfriend said.

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He told deputies Scott then started stabbing at him after he asked where his computer was hidden.

Scott told a different story, according to the report.

said the fight was over dinner plans. She said the argument turned
physical after she tried to leave the apartment. but he stopped her from
leaving. Scott said she then pulled out a pocket knife to protect

“Scott added that during one of the many times during
the argument, Wiggins walked into the knife and cut himself,’ wrote
Sheriff’s Deputy Laughten Hall on the arrest report.

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Hall noted seeing three “small lacerations” on Wiggin’s body, including a slash over his left ear.

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