Your present career and the present job are but a part of your life.
Before dealing with this subject extensively, let me enumerate three
golden resolutions that will hold good for all occasions to come, and
will be of immense help in every turn of life and will enable you to
excel. They are:

  • It is better to deserve without receiving, than to receive without deserving.
  • Temper is very valuable; do not lose it.
  • Have a will to grow and grow you will.

is drawing to a close and this is the appropriate time to think and
plan the career resolutions. Recollection of the past, whether sweet or
sour, is fine, when the present states of affairs are sound. Human
beings have the never-ending craving to prosper in life. To seek
improvement in career prospectus is the constant desire of the
combustible modern younger generation. Not trusting the present fully
and the willingness to look forward towards the future, is the beginning
of progress. Stagnant water stinks. Running water, like that of the
river, has the destination and it will ultimately reach the ocean to
seek fulfillment of its journey.

You need to find time to examine and review your present job.
Assuming that you have spent this whole year in your current employment,
you are richer by 12 months in your experience. Give the review aspect a
serious consideration and set improved goals. Evaluate whether you are
marching ahead in your career path for professional growth or whether
you have reached the dead end.

Some of the noteworthy career resolutions can be based on the following:

  1. Internet revolution and the concept of global family have left
    profound effect on the life of an individual. New products are arriving
    in the market avalanche and many once-popular products have become
    outdated. Are you employed in a segment of the industry which has
    future? Whether the company is struggling to survive, unable to
    withstand the competition? Are your present job skills likely to command
    demand in future? If not, has your company provided you with in-service
    training facilities in its own interest or does the management think of
    hiring new personnel? Resolve to remain competitive and ensure your place in the first line.
  2. Judge your company objectively, sans emotional attachment. The bread
    and butter that you buy in the malls are for payment, and not given out
    of attachment. At the end of the month, you get the detailed bill
    unfailingly. Is the company’s future is stable? Have some new
    competitors descended in the market? What are the demand trends—is it on
    the increase or decrease? Are your company products known by their
    brand names? Resolve to evaluate the position of the company with an analytical mind.
  3. Right individual at the wrong place: Are you in such a situation? Do
    you get opportunities to add additional skills? Have the
    problem-solving procedures changed and you lag behind due to lack of
    technical expertise? Is your boss responsive and consults you often? Are
    you expecting a promotion? When was your last promotion? Have you been
    superseded? Resolve to study your career graph in the company objectively.
  4. Do you have job-satisfaction or are you working just for the sake of
    pay slip and you are unable to find an alternative employment? Does the
    work-profile inspires you and gives happiness? Is the work-load too
    much and you are unable to spare time for interacting with your spouse
    and children? Is your self-worth protected in the office? Resolve to strike a good balance between office and family life.
  5. Employed happiness is a precious asset of life. Have second
    look at your experience, qualifications and skills. Are you worth more
    than what you get at present? Don’t overestimate or underestimate. Judge
    the employment opportunities carefully knowing well that the shadows of
    recessions are still looming around there. When you are confident about
    your credentials negotiate tactfully with your boss, by seeking a prior
    appointment to discuss the issue. Be flexible and also let the boss
    know that you have a firm inclination to put papers, rather than swim in
    the stagnant water. Resolve, you must get what you deserve.
  6. To excel in the job also means you have good relations with your
    co-workers. Communicate with all but always maintain the essential
    dignity of the post that you are holding. Mix with everyone but remain
    aloof. Never be eager to share your secrets or confidential issues
    related to the company, unless you are duty-bound to do so. Compliment
    in a restrained manner, and if possible never complain. Resolve to be pleasantly neutral in human relationships.
  7. Be time-sensitive. Office-time is meant for office work. You need to
    know how to put a quick stop to unproductive conversations. Resolve to be brief.
  8. A good boss understands a good official. Do not be a sycophant; the
    managers trained in human psychology understand this aspect well. Never
    reveal your guarded secrets or personal information to the boss. He
    knows about your abilities and let him know about your career ambitions.
    Do not compromise your integrity, even if the boss wants it that way. Resolve to function with a long-term perspective, not for immediate gains.
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Finally, stand by truth in business as well as personal dealings at
all times and at all costs. Everything else and everyone else may
forsake you but your truth will stand by you. Resolve to excel through truth.

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